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  Invest Inn provides all the financial products under one roof :-
  ::  Equity

::   Bonds

::   Mutual Funds

::   Insurance

::   Fixed Deposits

::   Portfolio Management and all

In order to enable the investors to choose various financial products, Invest Inn has taken up the institutional agencies of various service providers.  All the life insurance products including pension schemes of LIC of India, RBI bonds, various capital gain bonds, mutual funds of all Mutual Fund companies, Equity and Portfolio Management services etc are made available, so that the options of the prospect are complete.

The present practice in the market is that:-

||   Each financial product is promoted by the commission agents of that product.  The commission agent specializes in his product.  His focus is always on that product alone.

||    The prospect does not get insight into any other financial products.

||    Not only that information on other financial products is not provided but information on similar products of the competitors are also not made known to the investors.

||    Think of for example an agent of a particular Mutual fund Company.  He will tell about Mutual funds only.  He will not say anything about other products like equity or life insurance.  Not only that ; he will not make a mention about any other Mutual Fund company.  In short, the prospect does not get a choice.

In fact, diversification is a fundamental principle of wise investment.  "Not to put all the eggs in one basket" is the traditional and universal rule.  Therefore it is essential that investors should know the various investment opportunities while  taking investment decisions.  A proper product mix should be customized to the specific requirement of the prospect.

Making all the financial products available under one umbrella is critical for making wise investment decisions.  Invest Inn has therefore been made a
Financial Supermarket.




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