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Investors are not alike.  Their investment motives are different. A lay investor may not  know all the principles of good investment. He may require the assistance from some body else to analyze objectively his profile and to get his possible future financial needs identified.  The following are the usual concerns of an investor.

  Tax  advantages
  Ease of  transaction

One may also not know how to address these concerns to various investment avenues while taking investment decisions.  He may even not know what are the investment avenues available.  In short, he may require the help of an expert to take investment decisions.

      The main objective of INVEST INN  is to provide this helping hand to investors.

  What Invest Inn Does?

Qualified young persons are recruited and given intensive training on the concepts like Personal financial management and wealth management.  And also on the various financial products.  Training inputs include modern marketing techniques and adequate awareness on capital market, monetary policies etc.

At present various financial products like equity, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, government saving scheme are distributed through commission agents.  The commission agents of these financial products often aggressively sell their products.  They bring to the notice of the lay investor the positive aspects of their products.  They don't tell anything about their possible weak points. Mention about comparative products or competitors' products are never made.  The selling often takes place more because of the selling abilities of the salesman.  The selling can also take place based on the selfish interest of the salesman.  The prospects' needs and interests are often not addressed properly. In short, selling is often salesman-oriented rather than customer-oriented. Very often, salesmen's commission is the deciding factor.

In INVEST INN,  unlike this present practice, the sales promoters INVESTMENT ADVISORS as they are called-are remunerated by way of salary instead of commission, so that commission is not on the back of their mind while making sales.

Our investment advisors are expected to help the investors to do proper" Personal Financial Management"-


  First, investors' financial profile is brought up-his wealth, his income,
     and his existing investment etc.

::  Then, his future financial needs are identified.

::  Then, the investor is told about the various financial products available
      and their characteristics.

::  Finally the investors' needs and concern are matched to the financial




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