Investment Education Programmes

Ordinary retail investors do not have many opportunities to learn about various financial products, changes taking pace in capital market and monetary and fiscal policies of government.

::   Comparatively new financial products like Mutual funds are not reached by common investors because of their ignorance of these products.  Many who invested in equity or equity schemes of mutual Funds lost their money because they did not know the market movements.

All these show that there is a need for educating the public so that they

::   Know better
They save more and
Invest wisely

Invest Inn periodically conducts Investment Education Programmes to help common man to be a wise investor.

  Focusing NRI's HNI's And Corporates

Certain sections of the market are often not approached by ordinary sales men because of their diffidence in making the sales.

For example

  • There are unique products like group and superannuation schemes, key man insurance partnership insurance, provident fund mutual funds schemes that are ideally suited for corporate.

  • Similarly there are other niche markets like that of Non Resident Indians, High Net worth Individuals etc.  The interest the NRI's get for their bank investments is deplorably low.  Experience is that when the avenue of mutual Funds is brought to their notice, many NRI's have taken a liking to Mutual Funds.

    INVEST INN proposes to tap these potential by approaching and educating such prospective clients.




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