::  Life Insurance

Life Insurance is a contract for payment of an amount on the date of maturity or at specified dates or on unfortunate death if it occurs earlier in return for payment of "premium" by the other party...Life insurance should be an essential financial instrument in an individual portfolio.

Invest Inn has taken up the corporate agency  from LIC of India . As the largest and most experienced life insurance Organization in India, it is by far the most sought after life insurance provider in the country. With its wide range of products, nation-wide organizational network and good service record, LIC was the natural choice for tie up.


::  Equity

Equity refers to part of ownership in a company.  Equity is one of the greatest tools ever invented for building up wealth.  Shareholders are entitled to benefits like dividend, right/bonus shares etc.  Market value of share increases as the company grows and when the stock market trends are positive it enjoys enormous potential for capital appreciation. 

Equity services will be provided through tie up with Geojit Financial Services.  Invest Inn will also arrange Portfolio Management Services ( Rs.10 lakh or more) through Geojit.


::  Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund is a common pool of money into which investors place their contribution that is to be invested with the stated objectives.  Mutual Fund companies invest in various instruments like equity, debts, money market instruments etc. Returns enjoyed by investors are in two ways-

1) As dividend
2) As Capital appreciation

Mutual Funds provide above average return to investors, while reducing the risk associated with stock market.  They offer advantages of professional management, diversification of risks, easy liquidity, flexibility etc.

Invest Inn has tied up with various Mutual Fund Companies to make all the mutual Fund Schemes available to investors.


::  Bonds

Bonds are fixed income securities issued by government, financial institutions, corporations etc.  Common bonds currently available are RBI Savings bonds & Capital Gains bonds. These bonds provide  tax advantage also.

Invest Inn has tie-ups with various financial institutions for providing these products.


::  Other Products

Tie-ups are also there for other products like Fixed Deposits, Housing loans etc.




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